Monday, March 26, 2012

My fav looks for WINTER!!!

Winter is only around the corner and I cannot wait to layer up with beautiful knits, chunky boots and anything leather!!! Although Summer is my favourite season, for obvious reasons, you can't go past the beauty that winter style brings.

Here I my top picks for getting by this winter season!

Tracksuit inspired pants! LOVE.

Knits, knits and more knits!!! You cannot go without them.
Priority item.

LEATHER ANYTHING. A cropped biker jacket, tailored pants or detail. Leather is winter.

Layer it up girls!

Printed pants. Eye-catching as anything. Love love love.

A chic backpack! I have my eye on one as we speak.

Cropped jeans. Throw in some print or a cool oversized blazer and your ready-set-go.