Tuesday, July 9, 2013


"Fiel Sol means 'Faithful Sun' in Spanish", said Marissa, the owner and designer of Sydney based jewellery label Fiel Sol. When I asked her why she chose the name she did for her uniquely handcrafted jewellery, she said that it just came naturally after doing a lot of soul searching.

"People are always coming up with their own interpretations of what the name means to them. And I like that. That’s the point. I like that these words have a different significance to different people in different circumstances," Marissa added.

The label draws on an emphasis of colour, texture, metals and the natural beauty of semi-precious stones. It is individuality at its best.

Before starting up her own jewellery label in early 2009, Marissa admits to living a very different life (one of which did not involve her love for creativity and jewellery).

"I guess it was suppressed by the monotony of high school and then university. I don’t remember the exact day or what I was doing at the time, but this creative side within me said “enough is enough” and in my last few months of the tedium they call “university”, I found myself visiting bead stores and jewellery suppliers to exercise my overwhelming craving to create. I would sit on my bedroom floor for hours (whilst I was supposed to be studying, I might add) and design jewellery that reflected my personality," Marissa said.

Fiel Sol draws inspiration from everywhere, especially cultures from around the world. Most importantly though, it is a reflection of women who love to look and feel beautiful.

"Everywhere and everything inspires me. Most of the time, it is more subconscious than anything," said Marissa.
"A lot of my designs are tribal inspired with bright colours. This is inspired by the time spent on the Greek island that my family is from. It is a small rocky islet surrounded by the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean sea. Each time I enter the harbour on the ferry, I love seeing the technicolour of Italian-inspired terraces adorning the harbour contrasted against the limestone mountains. It was only fitting to use this as the backdrop to our Summer '12 lookbook – Island Escape."

Every piece in the Fiel Sol collection is a reflection of Marissa's own visual style, her state of mind, personalty, laid-back approach to life and boho attitude.

So what is next for the Australian label?

"We are so excited about all the great things to come but it is top secret at this stage. All I can say is, our Fiel Sol fans are going to love it," Marissa said.

We look forward to seeing what Fiel Sol will come up with next.

Ella xxx

Images taken from Fiel Sold Instagram

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