Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 3, 4 & 5: Sydney

The last few days in Sydney have been an absolute delight. My work experience at Cleo Mag has also been a really positive experience. While I haven't been interviewing high-profile celebs, organising photo shoots or designing magazine layouts.... I have had the opportunity to see it all first hand and get an idea of the Australian magazine industry. It has all been really interesting and it cements in me my desire to want to write for a women's magazine at some point in time (after I get my degree done and dusted next year...yey). 

Checking out the picturesque Darling Harbour for some well-earned afternoon drinks. I am wearing an Adidas tee, Topshop blazer and a vintage leather skirt that I found at the London Camden Market a few years back.

Espresso Martinis and pizzas at The Hilton, Sydney. A beautiful (but overly expensive) end to another beautiful day in Sydney city.

If I must be totally honest, I have been quite surprised by Sydney this past week. While I have been to Sydney quite a few times before....and done the Sydney Harbour thing, climbed the bridge, partied at The Ivy and 'The Cross', sunbaked on Bondi, Icebergs for lunch and even a booze cruise around the edge of the city... I must admit that I am a Melbourne girl at heart.

No offense Sydney siders, because your city is truly iconic, but the amount of homeless people in the city, the rubbish and litter all over the streets and the old and tattered building facades have really surprised me. Thus, I appreciate my home even more :) Melbourne is such a quirky and classy city, with beautiful buildings, quaint alley ways full of bars and cafes, memorable beaches, iconic sights and... (I think) the best shopping opportunities in Australia and possibly the world. While I will definitely be back to Sydney someday soon, I maintain that Melbourne is an absolutely spectacularly underrated city that should be seen and explored for all. 

I hope you have enjoyed my Sydney adventures this week,
Love Ella xxx


  1. You're so lucky to get work experience at cleo, i hope you do a wrap up at the end of the week, Id love to read all about it.
    xx Tanya

  2. Hey lovely,

    I have been reading up on your blog and I'm truly impressed! Turns out we have so much in common. I too am also studying a degree in Journalism (but doing a double with Creative writing & communications- and I'm in Adelaide) and finishing next year. I have also been interning at a whole heap of Women's magazines in Sydney, and went to Cleo at the start of last year. Sine we have such a similar eye in fashion, i'm sure you will like my blog LOVER OF THE KING ( It's been around for a little while- but would love to hear your thoughts! Perhaps one day i might be bumping into you when we both get our ultimate dream jobs working at one of the women's mags there. How amazing that will be! Until then, just thought i would give you some positive feedback, your blog is truly inspiring! xx