Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 2: Sydney

My Monday morning in Sydney began with a strong coffee, a fulfilling breakfast (raison toast and mushies to be exact) and a breath of fresh Sydney air. I stopped off at a little corner cafe called 'Home' in Darling Harbour, which turned out to be a little beauty of a place. While I was nervous about the thought of starting my first day of work experience (first world problems haha)... A relaxing breaky was definitely needed in preparation for my day ahead.

"So how dressed up do the girls at these 'fashion' magazines get anyway?"... I asked myself over and over, and anybody else who would listen. I had absolutely no idea how dressy/ casual the dress code at Cleo Magazine would be so I decided to stick with my safest bet yet... Josh Goot, leather (Winston Wolfe) and a pair of sturdy black boots. It turns out the gals at Cleo Mag don't take it too seriously, so there were no shock "#ifeelunderdressed" feelings had (thank the lord). 

 I just could not resist the Espresso Martini's at The Hilton cocktail bar - 'Glass'. I am seriously addicted #givemeonenow #please

What tops off an already great day in Syd? Cocktail hour that's what. I'm wearing my trusty American Apparel button-up shirt and my very warm Acne sweater.

xxx Ella


  1. Loving your updates!

    Your outfit is perfect! I bet the Cleo girls would have loved it :)

    Looking forward to hearing more :)

    Jess xx