Wednesday, August 8, 2012


You have most likely heard the quote that 'strong is the new skinny'?... You may have even seen us post about? 
As much as I love this new trend in female fitness and body image, I think that sometimes these 'strong' bodies we idolise are so unrealistic and unnattainable for the average woman considering many of these bodies have taken years to sculpt and create. I also don't understand people posting images about 'health and fitness' that resemble nothing but skin and bones... Which may I say, is not healthy.

While you may think my posting images of celebrity body's to be a slight contradiction to my previous statement? I simply aim to share my inspirations when it comes to a healthy mind, body and soul. The women that I have included in this post are women I look at and respect. I respect them for their obvious hard work and determination in maintaing healthy beautiful figures in a world that shuns the 'curvaceous'. Yes they have all, most likely, worked extremely hard for their physiques...but good on them! Nothing comes easy, thats for sure.

That said, I like to think that I can treat myself every now and then :)

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