Tuesday, June 19, 2012

That time of the year.

I think its that time of year...When the chilly weather sets in and one can't help but feel a little down and out.

 It is also a good time, being half way through the year, to look back on the past 6 months and really appreciate what has been and what has transpired. Whether it be the changing face of a close friendship, the end of another university semester, a life-changing travel experience on the horizon (bring on December) or a constant desire to inspire others through images and words, it is always helpful to reflect and look back.

In order to get through these cold months in preparation for Summer I always love to inspire myself with past memories, beautiful images and up-and-coming events. Thus, I have set out to explore my most favourite things in the world throughout this post.

Travel, beautiful food, fashion, enchanting spaces and bright colours. What could be more inspiring?

 I need one of these beauties for my room, LOVE.

Positano... One of the most amazing places I have been yet.

I can't go past her chic style...Always effortless.

Santorini, Greece. I wish I saw this when I was there!

I will be in New York for Christmas this year. Why not?

Travel...This sums me up in a heartbeat.

If only I knew where this was....so spectacular.

 The 'City That Never Sleeps'

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