Wednesday, May 23, 2012


As I continue saving for my next big overseas trip I look for any inspiration that will help me in my quest to work hard and save my pennies.

For me, travel is the absolute key to life. How does one have perspective on the world, or their own life in fact, if they haven't experienced people and places unknown to them? I always find myself asking this question and knowing that I will always be one desperate to explore and uncover things that are unfamiliar to me. While I love my home, my family, my friends...sometimes I find myself looking for more out of life than just 'normality' and I think this is where travel comes in. 

Travel enables one to find themselves in a city and country that bears no resemblance to them or who they thought they were.

I am so excited to venture on yet another overseas trip and I await the many experiences that I'm sure I will have for a lifetime. My departure date, December 6th, cannot come soon enough and it is then that I set sail for 2 and a half months (my university holidays). First stop, LA... then San Francisco, New York for Christmas, Playa del Carmen Mexico for New Years....

Then who knows....Costa Rica or Belize, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Chile... The world is my oyster.

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  1. I'm actually doing a very similar trip at exactly the same time! Might see you in New York or Mexico :) x