Thursday, June 9, 2011


Crystals have taken on a new light. No longer are crystals used for just mystical fortune-tellers and new-age hippies, but they are chic, creative and on-of-a-kind. The one-off Billy Bride jewellery pieces are created and designed by artist and entrepreneur Renee Warne, and are constructed from materials from all over Australia.
After inheriting her grandmothers deep ruby engagement ring at a young age, Renee soon discovered the symbolic function of jewellery and the profound significance that it had as a family heirloom. She talks about her love for Australian materials, as well as her affection for how her jewellery makes people feel, saying that the "spirituality of stones is abundant and undeniable" and that the beauty of cystals "lies in their rawness and essential vulnerability".
I truly adore this jewellery, especially Warne's debut Appollo Collection, and will definitely look into investing in one of these "one-off" pieces.

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