Monday, January 10, 2011

Blake Lively to be Purse Ambassador for Chanel

Having been on the cover of Vogue twice, said to have hair just as iconic as Rachel from friends (aka Jennifer Aniston) and having shot to startdom in one of the most popular and talked-about hit teen shows since The OC, this unique American starlet has yet again made headlines after being appointed the"official ambassador" of Chanels new Mademoiselle handbag.

Karl Lagerfeld, whom was introduced to the blonde bomshell through mutual friends and fashion heavy-weight Anna Wintour, came to admire Blake after meeting her before his couture show last July. He describes her as "a kind of American dream girl" and utterly believes that she embodies everything that Chanel has grown to respesent, that being classic, iconic, timless and forever relevant clothing.

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