Monday, September 6, 2010

Introducing the Bloggers!

Hello to all of the fashion enthusiasts out there, and welcome to Snob. My name is Ella Damiani and my fellow blogger is the lovely Andie Towner. Both Andie and myself find ourselves entering the world of fashion and writing as we attempt to show you all our personal style and the style of those that inspire us day to day, as well as aid our love for beautiful clothing, shoes and accessories.

As an aspiring writer I believe that in a democracy, journalism is arguably the most important and legitimate form of communication; as sport, celebrity news and the arts claim places alongside politics, diplomacy and economics. Thus, our aim is to communicate our loves, hates and opinions in relation to the world that is fashion as well as make a difference in this industry. Whilst we are just normal Melbourne girls, who go to university, love the Melbourne nightlife and live on facebook, we also have an intense interest in fashion and the industry, and would thrive off the opportunity in influencing those who share our passion...for fashion!!

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