Monday, September 27, 2010

Frontrow fashion- The famous Blogger

A little over 3 years ago, its was not known to us what fashion blogging was, or that it even existed... And we certainly didn't know that fashion blogs would become such a huge phenomenon in today's world. It seems however, that the newest power players in today's fashion industry arn't simply the designers or even the models, they're bloggers. Whilst we at Snob continually find ourselves inspired by different blogs on a day to day basis, there are a select few that truly make us dream, not only about the fashions itself displayed on them, but by the people who haver created them...

Susanna Lau @
Susanna Lau, or commonly referred to as 'Susie Bubble', began her fabulous blog back in March 2006 simply as a creative outlet. Her interest in fashion, as well as history and digital marketing gave her an edge over many other bloggers, who simply wanted to show the looks they liked. Over time, Lau's repuation grew rapidly, as well as the reputation of her blog-  now getting over 600,000 clicks per month. Not only was Lau asked to be the online commissioning editor for the fashion magazine Dazed and Confused, but she is one of few blogger's that has made her blogging into a successful career.

Elin Kling @ stylebykling
Snob is overly smitten with the sweedish doll, Elin Kling, who shares her sartorial style via her ever-evolving fashion blog. Not only is she beauifully groomed and graciously stunning, but her style is somewhat effortless and eternal. She knows how to rock a leather jacket, pants or boots, a fashion forward structured jacket or a floral frock from the op shop. She is truly is her fabulous blog :)

Rumi Neely @
Since the creation of her blog in 2007, Rumi Neely has become not only a fashion icon in the US and Asia, but she has inspired people for her fashions as well as her photopraphy. Though she credits her style inspiration to models Erin Wasson and Daria Werbowy, we believe that her fashions are unique and distinctive as she carries off the bohemian/ vintage look so effortlessly well. Rumi's edge and nonchalance comes from her ability to mix a simple floral dress or embellished jacket with beaten up boots or an 80s bandage skirt. She continues to 'wow' us at Snob, and we love her looks!

Denni Elias @
This parisian princess is the definition of a fashion enthusiast, as she combines elements that are both chic and edgy, but at the same time, easy and simple. Known for her flowing brown locks, red lips and confident persona, Denni Elias is a true style queen, stating that "I really like to feel free everytime I dress myself". This idea resonated with us at Snob, as we believe also that style is about personality, individuality and freedom.

Bryan Grey-Yambao @
His blog attracts over 5,000 visiters a day, he won the 2007 Philippine Blog Award for Best Fashion & Lifestyle Blog and he has forever changed the stereotype of bloggers worldwide. This different and out-there blogger continues to stun fashionista's (male and female) all over the globe as he is forever breaking the rules and crossing the boundaries. Not only has Byanboy's style attracted much wanted attention but he has also cashed in on his ambiguous sexuality, writing on his blog..."thinking of being gay, then bisexual, then gay again..."
This is was fashion is all about, says Snob!

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